DONNY, a technical trolley for backpack transport.


Designed and manufactured only with high performance materials

Donny is a Made in Italy trekking trolley

The study of the entire structure lasted years and involved a series of tests and modifications in order to eliminate any possible critical issues encountered in its use and to select the materials that offer a greater guarantee of strength and durability.

Donny's own function is its prolonged and intensive use

Donny is designed for long walks even on rough and unpaved terrain, in the most diverse weather conditions. For these reasons, its basic structure and the mechanisms that complete it are able to withstand multiple stresses, even in adverse weather conditions, bearing the weight of the luggage without breaking or wearing out.

Innovative weight management

Unlike the others where the weight of the backpack is supported by rigid arms, Donny is able to unload more than 80% of the load on the wheels without having the "wheelbarrow effect": this is not just theory but application of basic laws of physics.


Drastic reduction of static load

Donny was born with the intention of eliminating the static load of the trekking backpack from our body: this load bears mainly on the back, knees and ankles. As seen from video, we wanted to test and show how much Donny is really able to reduce the load of the backpack on our body is drastic.
Our testimonial wears a backpack weighing 10.5 kg and climbs onto the scale.
Subsequently, this backpack is fixed on Donny and anchored to the belt using the appropriate belt girl's waist band. The result of the subsequent weighing speaks for itself.


Ultra-lightweight structure

The choice of materials such as fiberglass and carbon fiber guarantees a high resistance of the structure and makes Donny the lightest technical trolley on the market with a weight of 4.5kg in the fiberglass version and only 4 kg in the PRO version. carbon fiber


Adjustable articulated joints

They allow you to unload over 80% of the load on the wheels, drastically reducing the strain on the back and joints, increasing comfort


Quick release 16" wheels

The only one with 16" wheels equipped with an inner tube that help to easily overcome small obstacles such as steps, small boulders and ground imperfections that are easy to meet on the paths. The quick release system of the wheels allows you to easily change the mode use of Donny and to wear it as a normal backpack in case of need.


Donny is a quality choice that we are sure you will not regret!

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